How can we create tech products to

create more well-being?

treat mental health issues?

raise collective consciousness?

Enable deeper connections?

transform organizations?

Create more well-being?

Hi, I'm


a Tech Product Manager and VR engineer on a mission to Expand consciousness and improve well-being by developing transformative applications, experiences and spaces.

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what drives me

My mission

After having life-changing inner experiences my mission is to help individuals and organizations expand their consciousness for more well-being, connection and growth. With a M.Sc. in IT-Systems Engineering and a specialization in Human-Computer-Interaction my purpose is to create innovative & transformative experiences and products using cutting-edge technology.
Health & Well-being
Personal Growth
Organizational Transformation
Cutting-Edge Technologies
what I do


Since 2018 I innovate with purpose-aligned and heart-centered collaborators at the intersection of research and industry using various technologies from mixed reality over neurotech, mobile, and haptics, to wearables and AI. I'm currently working with neuromore and InfinitySpeaks as product manager and co-founder/ tech lead.
Product & Project Manager
Mental Health, Neurotech

Developing Neurofeedback Software for Mental Health and Wellbeing at neuromore

At neuromore we develop neurofeedback solutions and AI based applications to improve wellbeing and treat mental health conditions.
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Co-Founder, Tech Lead
Mindfulness, VR

Expand your mind and connect to your soul in VR

At Infinity Speaks we are creating a spiritual VR game to get you to connect to your true Self on a mindful journey.
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HCI Research
Wearables, Interaction Design

Designing a Novel Gesture Input Technique using a Smart Wristband

For this HCI research paper, we leveraged affordances of everyday objects like twisting a bottle cap for virtual input.
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Full Stack Engineer
Mobile, Fitness

Developing a Social Running App for 1000s of users

At MyCrew in Los Angeles we built a platform for fun, social runs across the world.
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HCI Research
Accessibility, Haptics

Enabling blind people to play "Doom" on a haptic game console

At the HCI chair at HPI we developed a Unity framework and custom games like "Doom" for a haptic game console for the blind.
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work with me


Why work with me?

My uniqueness is to bring together an innovative and conscious mindset, a product and software engineering skillset, and a cutting-edge tech toolset including biotech, XR, haptics, and AI. The beauty of this combination is that it enables me to rapidly design, build and validate new ideas and prototypes, to lead and empower product teams with structure, and to establish a mindful and human-first work culture for a more healthy way of working.
Innovative & Conscious Mindset
Product & Engineering Skillset
Cutting-Edge Tech Toolset

How I can help you

  • 🛠️ Design, build, test and deploy apps, products, services and experiences
  • 💡 Come up with and validate business ideas in days with rapid prototypes
  • 💪 Lead product teams throughout the full development life cycle
  • 🧘 Establish a mindful, empowering and human-first work culture
  • 🏃 Set up agile structures á la Scrum for high productivity, momentum and flow
  • ⚙️ Optimize and automate internal processes and organization

Want to learn more?

who i work with

Mission-Aligned Partners

I believe in collaboration over competition and am glad to be working with value-aligned partners in the transformative tech space. For larger biotech projects, AI solutions or VR experiences I can bring in my teams of like-minded entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, engineers, and designers from neuromore, Infinity Speaks, and Neurocreate.
what got me here

My Story

Connect, Heal & Grow using Technology

🧘 My world changed on a transcendental experience in 2018 when during an altered state my ego dissolved completely, much against its own will, and left an open space of pure consciousness and complete inner peace. For the first time I remember in my adult life I felt that I had connected to the fabric of reality, the ever-present awareness that makes up every part of our human experience. Fascinated to integrate the experience, meditation, reflection, yoga and other inner practices became my tools on an inner journey towards illuminating the depths of the subconscious and unconscious mind and showed me the profound interplay between the spiritual and the material world bit by bit. As I dropped bad habits, became healthier, happier, deeper connected and more fulfilled I realized more and more how much our world is suffering from self-imposed problems in the external world. It also became clear to me that my purpose in this life is to guide others towards greater levels of well-being using my background in technology. To practice what we preach I believe in a mindful, heart-centered and playful approach to innovate with integrity, joy and compassion.

🌟 So far this journey has already brought incredibly heart-centered, passionate, and creative people and projects into my life. If you feel the alignment join us on this journey of discovery, growth, and well-being and let's create a brighter, more connected future together.


Do you feel aligned in purpose and values and would like to collaborate? Then drop me a message and let's explore how we can join forces.
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